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When we lose our car key or key fob it affects everything. Most people lose their car keys at home but this can drive you crazy looking for it. I have found my keys in one of my husband’s rain boots in the closet. When our customers lose their keys at home its difficult because you know they will be found but not soon enough. When you lose your car keys away from home, not only are you stuck but less likely to find them later. Even worse is if you have kids with you or need to be someplace soon.

Car locksmiths are more convenient than the dealership since we come to your location and make you a replacement key or key fob. This is usually pretty fast and then you will have that spare key once you find the lost one. We will cut and program your replacement car key and get you back on the road quickly. Usually you need to have your vehicle towed to the dealership (during business hours) for them to make you a key.

Most car keys can be made by a automotive locksmith which is the best choice when you lost the only car key. If you have a working key and are looking to get a spare key made, contact your dealership and check on price and availability. We recommend checking before calling a locksmith in this situation. Usually your vehicle is required to program car keys. If you need take your car to the dealership for them to make a new car key or fob.

Its also a good idea to check with you car insurance carrier. Depending on your coverage, they may reimburse you for the cost or part of the cost. If your key is damaged, worn down or getting difficult to use, be careful continuing to use it. It can cause damage to your ignition and end up costing your more.

Transponder Keys

three transponder keys

Gone are the days of simple car keys. Now car key programming is required to start your car. Key fobs need to be programmed as well. Some remotes lock, unlock your car doors and trunk can be programmed without using any special programming equipment. This will depend on the specific vehicle and type of remote.

Key Programming

Additional keys will cost less and its always a good time to get that spare so you don't find yourself in the same position again. Make sure you ask the locksmith how much you will save if you made another key at the time of service. If you car keys were stolen, ask the locksmith if he can stop the old keys from starting the vehicle.

Locked Out Of Car

It can happen in an instant and always a total bummer when your keys are locked inside your car or in the trunk. We're professional, unlock quickly and without causing any damage to your vehicle. Our locksmiths are fast to arrive and you won't wait long. If a key is needed to open the trunk, we make you one on the spot.

Cars We Make Keys For

Locked Keys in Trunk

If you locked your keys in the trunk, it could be as simple as unlocking the car and pushing a button to open the trunk. Maybe access the trunk from the back seat. Many times a key will need to be made to unlock the trunk because security features kick in. Don't worry, we can help with whichever situation you have.

Car Ignitions

Ignitions can become damaged if you accidentally insert the wrong key, from attempted theft, worn out keys, and just from age. If your key does not insert and turn easily, don't force it. See if your key appears damaged or worn out. Before calling a locksmith. Maybe use a little air or WD-40 to loosen debris before gently trying your key again.

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